5 Top Retirement Gift Ideas

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People are living longer, so that means people are working longer to be able to support themselves and live comfortably after retirement. Now-a-days it seems like that people who retire are those who can afford to. If you know someone who is lucky enough to retire during this upcoming year make sure you take the time to honor them and all their years of service, no matter what the industry. A retirement gift can be a thoughtful way of saying goodbye and good luck in the future.

Here are some retirement gift ideas broken down by the special people in your life.

Gift for a Retiring Spouse: Remember when you were younger and you couldn’t wait to retire and spend more time with your significant other? Well now that time has come. Embrace this life change with the perfect retirement gift. You can buy funny retirement gag gifts, like shirts or signs that say something about being a retired husband. Consider items that have slogans like, “I’m retired, but work part time as a pain in the butt” or “Retired: Under New Management, See Spouse for Details”. Another great idea is to get a dry erase board and label it the “Honey Do List” because now with all that free time someone will have more time for chores. And don’t forget, you can even throw a retirement party!

Gift for a Retiring Relative: Have mom and dad continued working after you grew up? Have a brother or sister who is getting ready to retire? Do something nice for them. Some people like to keep working even after they are able to retire. And though they may be excited to retire, a little part of them may be sad too. Honor their commitment to service with a great retirement plaque. You can even give them their own personalized retirement poem with their name, business name, number of years employed and retirement date all included on it. Family members retiring from the military would love a retirement poem about their branch and commemorating their service.

Gift for a Retiring Friend: Is one of your close friends getting ready for retirement? Make this life changing event as enjoyable as possible. Have a few laughs with your friend and give a retirement gag gift. Funny retirement t-shirts and retirement hats always bring a smile to someone’s face and let the world know he or she is now living the good life. A retirement mug makes a great gift for any coffee/tea drinker and every morning will remind them how they don’t have to go to work anymore. Now that your friend is retiring/retired you can go out for a day adventure (even if you still are working, take a vacation day) and do something fun. A day at the spa or an afternoon of golf will remind them that every day is now a vacation day for them.

Gift for a Retiring Co-worker: Co-workers come and go for various reasons, but a co-worker’s retirement is a big deal. Most people when they leave a job it is to take another one, but a retirement means permanent peace and relaxation. Mark this special occasion by throwing a retirement party at work. It is a great time to all get together for one last hurrah, but also to show them how much you enjoyed working with them and how much they will be missed. A retirement party doesn’t only have to be about food and retirement decorations. A retirement signature frame or a retirement signature plate makes a great party activity and a great gift for the retiree to take home.

Gift for a Retiring Boss: Not everyone likes their boss, but hopefully you have a nice one! If you like your boss that is retiring and you want to show them how much you appreciated their guidance and support, as well as letting them know how much they will be missed, make sure to buy them a retirement gift. A retirement gift in the work setting doesn’t have to be fancy, and even a simple retirement mug will do. Want to go in on a gift with other co-workers? Then consider a bigger gift like a retirement gift basket or a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant.


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